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Learning Lounge (Academic Support)

Objective: To create a fun and engaging learning environment  for students to develop skills in ELM, ELA and other subjects in small groups or 1 on 1

Focus: ELA, ELM, Academic Intervention, Academic Support, College Prep, Tutoring

Function: Relatable Curriculum, Games, Common Core Standards Based, College Pathway

Outcome: Students will be engaged in a fun atmosphere while increasing academic skills or preparing for higher education. Students will show growth in academic achievement based on curriculum and learning strategies


Social/Life Skills

Objective: To prepare and provide students with tools used in life to become successful using Social Emotional Learning based strategies

Focus: Girls’ Group, Social Skills, Leadership Skills, Community Service, Job Skills, Financial Literacy, Communication Skills, Team Building

Function: Activities and discussions based on each skill type

Outcome: Students will become confident, self sufficient, resilient, and motivated when dealing with life’s obstacles


Objective: To provide a variety of enrichment activities to students that may not be available to them at school or in their community

Focus: Enrichment  and Recreational  Activities  

Function: Dance, Sports, DIY/Arts/Crafts, Computer Technology, Music, Fashion, etc.

Outcomes: students will gain experience and knowledge by getting involved in a variety of activities


Objective : To work with those students 1on 1 or group settings who may need behavioral or academic support in a class setting

Focus: Behavior Intervention, Academic Intervention, Restorative Justice

Function: Strategies, Case Load, Data, Circles

Outcome: Students will be able to participate in an academic setting while behavior issues will decrease. Students will show growth in academic achievement based on curriculum and learning strategies

**All Services include a SHOWCASE after each session for extra $25 fee

***If you book a school day service and after school service $25 for travel time or $.34 per mile

****Culture/Community (rate dependent on needs)

Consultation recommended

Objective: To support schools and organizations on building culture and community to their sites

Focus: Events, Assemblies, Workshops, Mentoring

Function: Mentoring Program, School Events, School Assemblies, and Workshops based on needs of school or organization

Outcome: Schools and organizations will have the support they need to implement services to build community and culture for students, staff, and families.